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Just Think ...

If you COULD HAVE become an affiliate for eBay when it launched by Founder Pierre Omidyar (San Jose CA) in his living room back in September, 1995.

... You would have long since retired from 'having to'
work your eBay affiliate business and you AND your family would be living handsomely off your 'still growing' massive income/cash flow!

BUT eBay has NEVER offered an affiliate program!

 .N o w .T H I S  ~  R e a d .O n . . .

There are MORE THAN 70,000 "NEW" PEOPLE coming to eBay each week!

Currently, there are MORE THAN 240 MILLION eBay Users/Buyers!

There are MORE THAN 700,000 eBay Sellers/Store Owners!


Auctions are BEYOND HUGE -- we're talkin' BILLIONS here -- particularly these days, given our struggling economy, as people are 'even more-so' flocking to eBay and other auction sites to both buy and sell.

Many, many people are currently becoming auction sellers to either augment their incomes or they are creating an income to replace the one they lost (or may lose) due to the fact that they were relieved of their jobs for one reason or another.  And there are now MANY 1,000's of auction sellers making VERY handsome incomes, for certain!

AND ... Due to various tax incentives, countless
corporations have sent good paying jobs overseas
over the last ten years to the tune of TEN MILLION
jobs, or so, which has greatly contributed to the
American recession and has had a direct effect on
the depletion of revenues that are greatly needed
now by our local, state and national treasuries. 

These lost jobs have quietly and steadily contributed
to our increased unemployment rate, which is yet
another reason why 'YOU and I' should take direct
aim on becoming independent from the mainstream
job market and involve ourselves in an enterprise
where WE have control over OUR income(s) and NOT
'have to' be dependent on an UNRELIABLE JOB...ugh!


Buyers are increasingly coming to auction sites in order to find good products at fair prices AND for the convenience of shopping online AND having great selection, all in one place/site. 

If eBay and other auction sites had not provided buyers with lower, more competitive prices and swift, convenient delivery, they simply would not be experiencing the continuous and massive growth that they have achieved.

Auctions are NOW a VERY BIG part of our national -- and International --consumer consciousness/culture as there are literally BILLIONS of dollars changing hands every single year via auction sales and the growth of these
sites just continues to grow and G-R-O-W!

For the average person, being able to take advantage of the massive auction revenues by becoming affiliated with a global auction site would be a true Godsend! ... And now, the average person can take serious monetary advantage of being able to offer auction listings and auction stores to the masses AND an 'auction affiliate business' to everyone and everyone both on and off the Internet.

Keep on reading, my friend, it's just getting good ...


After years in the development, there is a NEW, more streamlined auction
site on planet earth.  It's called ... Big Value Depot / Big Ticket Depot ...
or, as we like to call it for short ... BVD/BTD.

BVD/BTD is the best of all worlds in terms of how auction sites are set up.  For one, BVD/BTD auctions sellers DO NOT have all those extra add-on fees and charges that eBay and other auction sites impose on sellers -- and eBay sellers are now complaining about these increasing add-on fees -- which makes the process of selling on BVD/BTD both more affordable and more streamlined because it takes far less time to post and manage auction listings and auction stores AND the BIG UPSIDE is the fact that sellers make more money simply because it costs less to be a seller at BVD/BTD.

Furthermore, BVD/BTD store owners can quickly and easily upload several pics/images and videos of their wares/products at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!


BVD/BTD offers a VERY GENEROUS Affiliate program where YOU can achieve actual, factual retirement income by offering auction listings AND auction store packages AND inviting others to become BVD/BTD Affiliates. 

And remember... BVD/BTD doesn't have all those dastardly up-charges
for sellers to factor in AND pay for AND pass on to the buyers, making the products sold on BVD/BTD even more attractive to buyers and thus, making BVD/BTD auction listings and stores more inviting to sellers!

BVD/BTD is truly ingenious...it is so-o-o-o-o well thought out because the powers that be at BVD/BTD have created an auction site that is ideal for buyers, sellers AND affiliates.  We can ALL do VERY well with BVD/BTD!


BVD/BTD's Affiliate program is SO-O-O-O-O-O-O much better than other affiliate programs, simply because ...

Pretty-much, EVERYONE on planet earth knows what online auction sites
    are all about AND countless millions already buy & sell EVERY day via 
    auctions, so you will NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER run out of prospects! 

    As a result, auctions are attractive to the masses and NOT just network 
    and/or online marketers, and such.

Existing auction buyers and sellers that have made use of other auction
    sites are already raving about BVD/BTD because of it's lower cost and
    the the fact that it is so much easier to create auction listings on the fly
    and the immediate responsiveness of the countless available buyers.

MOST online affiliate programs come and go because, (a) their product
    offerings are limited, (b) they make 'their' money from affiliates who
    mandatorily buy products on a monthly basis, however, MOST affiliates
    simply don't make much or any money at all, and MOST of these
    affiliate programs fizzle out and even later they are re-packaged again
    and again so the owners can keep making 'their' money, (c) usually,
    there is a very limited prospect pool for most affiliate programs, which
    makes it hard to make affiliate commissions, (d) etc., etc., etc.

BVD/BTD Affiliates have a variety of web pages to more specifically
    target certain prospective audiences, i.e., "Home Page" type pages,
    "5 Free Auction Listings" pages, "Attracting Affiliates" type pages
    and "Attracting Web Store Clients pages and And "More!"

    Furthermore, all of the aforementioned sites/pages capture your prospect's 
    info AND automatically follow up on them for you.  Plus, the follow-ups
    offer step-by-step details on how to perform certain tasks so you don't
    have to.  Although, it is always a good idea for an affiliate to make contact
    with their own 'captured' prospects...more details in your BVD Back Office.

BVD/BTD Affiliates can create lifelong income that will continue to grow
    and grow and, unlike MOST other affiliate programs and home-based biz
    opportunities, BVD/BTD is here for the duration, here to STAY and as  
becomes more well known, YOUR BVD/BTD business will grow 
    even more.

BVD/BTD is a business that YOU can feel good about and be proud of
    and when someone asks you what you do, you can proudly tell them
    that you are representative for Big Value Depot, the fastest growing
    online auction on the planet, which usually stimulates more conversation
    on the subject.


BVD/BTD is TOTALLY FREE to try out, you know, post an auction listing or
FIVE ... AND ... become an affiliate FOR FREE.  At this point, YOU cannot lose. 

So, just what are you waiting for, someone to come along and hand you vast sums of money??  Well, in a way, I just did.  It may take a bit longer for you to get your hands on the vast sums of money that BVD/BTD can create for you, but nevertheless, as an Affiliate for BVD/BTD, you can actually achieve great things, money-wise and security-wise and free-time-wise!


As an Affiliate for BVD/BTD, you will have immediate access to several excellent marketing tools, such as; TWO (2) Business Card styles (simply download the file, enter your details and hit print...that's it), TWO (2)
Door Hanger styles that you can print right away, TWO (2) Flyer styles,
TWO (2) Post Card styles for immediate mailing, and even TWO (2)
styles for automobile magnetic signs.  Pretty cool, huh!?


Another great feature of your BVD/BTD Back Office is your "Official BVD/ BTD Training Series" which is also available for PDF download.  And the entire training series will soon be available via instant audios.

There are still many more valuable, usable features that you will find in your
BVD/BTD Back Office, however, you'll just have to click to one of our BVD/ BTD marketing pages (below) to check things out for yourself.


Keep in mind, we have been marketing both online and off-line for many years and we will provide you with many more ways and means that will help you to grow your BVD/BTD business.  There are so many effective ways to 'get the word out' about your BVD/BTD business that most people are just not aware of that will allow you to create business that you wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

We also own a vast variety of ebooks, software, utilities, etc., etc., and we
will, on a regular basis, email links to free downloads which will help you to
further grow your BVD/BTD business.

Furthermore, there are subtle, effective ways and means to get the word out about your BVD/BTD business to your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances,  etc., etc., WITHOUT the usual negative consequences that take place when approaching people in your life.  So, you can get all these people involved without making it seem like you're selling something to them.

Besides, BVD/BTD is simply NOT the typical network-type of business because EVERYONE has something they can sell on an auction site and in
particular, the easy-to-list BVD/BTD Auction site.

BVD/BTD is Sreamlined, Easy To Set Up, Very Affordable, Offering High
Traffic ... AND ... With Our APP You Can Post Auction Listings On The Fly!

       ... A ten year old can do it!

PLUS... there are several EXCELLENT marketing support programs on the `Net that we will introduce you
to that you can put to good use in order to 'get the word out' to the literal masses on the Internet about YOUR BVD/BTD  business.  More about that when you actually become an affiliate.  The Internet has created MORE MILLIONAIRES than ANY other venue in history. 
         ... Are YOU next?



There have been so many times in history where we all have looked back and said, 'geez, I sure wished that I would have followed thru on this or that' and THIS is one of THOSE future 'look-back' situations.  Don't let THIS ONE slip thru your fingers!


We highly recommend that you set up one or more of your FIVE (5) FREE auction listings so you will know exactly how easy and quick it is to do so, which you will find very helpful when discussing BVD/BTD with potential customers and/or potential affiliates should you, yourself, become an affiliate.

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